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Haven Hill

A contemporary, renovated guesthouse in the heart of the Azores. With multiple bedrooms, a refreshing pool, and an exclusive vantage point offering unparalleled views of Horta's bay and Pico island, this is the ultimate haven for your holiday.

Whether you're exploring solo, adventuring with your best mate, or journeying with a larger group, this accommodation caters to every scenario. Its spacious design ensures comfort for all, making it an ideal choice for either intimate getaways or vibrant group escapades.

A quick look ...


The perfect luxury retreat in Horta city, Faial island.

Experience the epitome of modern luxury at Haven Hill, a meticulously renovated villa crafted by Azores Properties. Boasting multiple bedrooms, a refreshing pool, and an inviting balcony that offers an unparalleled panorama of Horta's bay and the enchanting Pico island. Bask in the breathtaking views not only from the balcony but also from the expansive living room, seamlessly connected to an open kitchen.

The guesthouse encompasses the convenience of two bathrooms and an exquisite attic room, elevating your stay to new heights. Whether you're embarking on a grand adventure with a large group or seeking a serene escape for yourself or with a cherished companion, Haven Hill accommodates every scenario.​ The fully furnished house is equipped with all the essentials, ensuring your exclusive vacation in Horta city on Faial island is nothing short of exceptional.

Revel in the enhanced joy of exploring Horta city from the unparalleled comfort and style of Haven Hill.




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